Parents, Don’t panic!

Does hybrid schooling concern you? What to do with your child while you work?

Are you stressing about continuing school from home? We can help!

We provide a supervised, clean atmosphere, with Wi-Fi, for children to focus on their schoolwork while providing safe, socially-distanced socialization and an education in performing and visual arts. Reserve one day or multiple days. We put the fun back into schoolwork. 

When?  Monday-Friday beginning August 17, 2020

Where?  Danse Élan Dance Academy, 1315 S. NC-16 Business, Suite A (approximately 2 miles south of NC-73 and 2.5 miles north of NC-273)

Time?  7:30 to 8:00 a.m. drop-off

           8:00 a.m. begin dedicated school work

             Break for lunch and recreation time

             1:00 p.m. begin dedicated performing & visual art classes 

             3:00 p.m. pick-up

Cost?  $50 per day per person (includes supplies for classes in the arts)


Who is this program for?

Boys & girls in grades K-8 are welcome to register for the program. 

Lunch & Snack Info:

Students should arrive with a packed lunch, a healthy snack and a reusable water bottle each day. Sugary snacks & drinks will not be permitted.

Does my child need to bring anything else to the workshop?

Besides a packed lunch, snack and reusable water bottle, each student should arrive with what they need to complete their schoolwork assigned to them by their school teacher (i.e. worksheets, directions, school books, electronic device if needed, etc).


Students should come in clothes they can move in comfortably for dance and acting class. Leotards and tights are not required. Suggestions are gym pants and a comfortable t-shirt. Skirts and dresses are not recommended. The rooms will be kept cooler than normal to keep the children alert during schoolwork time so students should have a sweater or sweatshirt with them.

What type of classes will be offered in the afternoons?

Classes will be offered in Visual and Performing Arts. Here are some examples:


ACTING: Improvisation, Basic Acting, Scriptwriting, Stage Make-Up, Stage Combat, Pantomime, Character Development, etc.


MUSIC: Songwriting, Call and Response, Vocal Technique, Music Theory, Instrument Making, Rhythm Skills, etc.


DANCE: Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Jazz, International Dance, Creative Movement, Improvisation, Modern, etc.


ART: Painting, Decoupage, Jewelry Design, Magazine Art, Clay, Drawing, Straw Art, etc.

Will my child be required to attend the performing or visual art classes if they do not want to?

If a student does not want to participate in whatever performing or visual arts class/es is offered on a particular day, we will discuss the expectations of the parent. If the parent would prefer that we require the child's participation we will do so. If the parent does not want us to require their participation, we will offer an alternative option such as reading time, movie time, or game time.  


How much time will be dedicated to homework?

This may vary depending upon the age of the student, the grade of the student, the attention span of the student, and the expectations as set by the student's teacher and/or school. School assignments and expectations must be communicated clearly to us so that we can assist as much as possible.  


What will my child do if they get their homework done early?

We will have quiet activities available for the morning quiet time for those that get through their work before lunch and recreation time. (i.e. reading, puzzles, etc.)

Will the children spend any time outdoors?

There is a secured, fenced-in backyard at the studio in which we will plan outdoor activities during our lunch and recreation period weather pending. 

Do we have to register every week?

You can register for a single day or recurring days. Some will choose to come weekly and some may register for individual days as needed. Fees must be paid on the due date to hold the reserved days.

Can we register for a last minute drop-in class?

If availability is open and we have the staff scheduled to accommodate your child, that will be an option. 

What is the ratio of teacher to student?

The ratio will be kept at 1:9. We will not accept more than 18 children divided between two rooms a single day so that we can safely keep our numbers low due to the pandemic. 


Pay Schedule:

          Due Date                                                          For the 2020 dates of...

          Due upon registration                                               8/17-9/11

          August 17                                                                  9/14-10/9

          September 14                                                           10/12-11/6

          October 12                                                                11/9-12/4

          November 9                                                               12/7-1/1

Dates will be scheduled further out once we see how the schools progress through the first semester.

Will there be a credit or refund if my child is absent?

Credits and refunds cannot be given due to having to plan well in advance for staffing and supplies. 

What are you doing to try to keep the children safe during the pandemic?

We have protocols and precautions in place to do what we can to keep the students and staff safe. Here is a list of some of the precautions:


  • Supplies, work stations, and chairs will not be shared between students. Each student will have a name labeled chair, art box, and table assignment. 

  • Each room is lined in a 6X6 foot grid to indicate where we need to be to stay socially distanced.

  • All touch surfaces and floors are disinfected each and everyday with a kid-safe and environmentally-safe commercial disinfectant.

  • All soap dispensers, trash cans, paper towel dispensers and hand sanitizing stations are hands free to avoid contact.

  • There are hand sanitizing stations set up in every room.

  • We are keeping our numbers to 10 and under in an indoor space.

  • Masks will be required for students and staff with the exception of while eating lunch.

  • No more than 2 students will be assigned to an 8-foot table for schoolwork, placing students at the ends of the tables.

  • When the weather permits, the garage door will be open to allow more outdoor air circulation.

  • Furnace filters are changed more regularly with Merv 13 filters.

  • There are air filtering devices circulating the air in rooms where activities will occur.