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Jumping Dancer

Helping dance teachers become educators & Assisting studio owners in the growth and success of their business!


It has been said that a teacher can give a class or a teacher can teach a class. Danse Élan's teacher training classes help teachers teach. The teacher training is designed to make your teaching staff more valuable to your studio.

Jamie Roumayah, owner of Danse Élan, and her husband Christopher are in a unique position to provide valuable information to studio owners who would like to improve the quality and fluidity of the operations of their studio. Through the many hats that Jamie has worn in her personal, artistic and business life, she is able to provide a multi-dimensional and unique point of view. Christopher is a business professional educated in accounting and finance with experience in helping individuals and business owners to improve and organize their finances, write business plans, and to become successful entrepreneurs. As a team, they can assist studio owners in both business and artistic matters.



Classes include: Creative Lesson Plans, Age Appropriate Choreography, How to Relate to Your Students, Balancing Fun with Discipline in the Classroom, Preparing Dancers for Life After Studio Years, Recital Success, Fundamentals of Choreography, Communicating with Parents, How to Make a Well-Rounded Dancer, How to Improve Your Student Retention Rate, How to Stay Organized, Propriety as a Dance Educator, etc. Minimum of 2 hours to book. Unlimited staff members permitted to attend. Price is based on an hourly rate plus travel.


A comprehensive interview is conducted with you to see what your needs are and how we can best assist you. The interview can be conducted via the phone, an online video conference, or by email. This portion of the process is preliminary and complimentary. After the necessary information is gathered, a consultation program is suggested to you, uniquely developed according to your specific and individual needs. Consultations can be conducted in person, by phone, and by video conference. A one-hour single consultation can be scheduled as well as a consultation package. Subjects may include business matters such as staffing, financial organization, financial statements, payroll, utilizing your space to maximize your profit, outside-the-studio opportunities for income, contracts, payroll taxes, financial analysis, forecasting, writing business plans, registration, networking, website analysis, etc. Subjects may also include artistic matters such as logo appeal, branding, how to create performance opportunities for your dancers, the ins & outs of competition, studio flow, creative communication, promotional creativity, etc. You may also include subjects from our teacher training course. Administrative staff can be included and trained. Minimum of 1 hour to book. Price based on an hourly rate. Packages are available at a discounted hourly rate.

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