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"Is Taking a Break from School the Best Time to Take a Break from Dance?"

As summer months approach and the school year comes to a conclusion, many parents face the decision whether to continue their child's dance training during the summer break. There are many reasons that parents choose to discontinue their child's dance classes over the summer - travel plans, cost concerns, desire for down time, and alternate summer activities. Before pausing or discontinuing a child's dance training, consider the importance of continuing dance training the summer months and how summer break might be the best time to focus on dance training.

Physical Conditioning

Dancers Stretching

Dance training helps children to achieve optimal physical health, including strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility. When an extended break in that training occurs, dancers may experience a decrease in their fitness levels, putting them at a higher risk for injury when returning to full intensity when classes resume in the fall.

Technique and Skill Development

Dancers practicing skills
Skills practice

Summer is an excellent time for dancers to improve their technique and develop new skills. With fewer distractions and less school-induced stress, dancers come to class refreshed and more attentive, contributing to a more focused experience and improvement of technique and skills.

Break in Dance: Lack of Consistency and Keeping in Step

A dancer helping another dancer
Keeping in Step

Consistency is crucial for a child's overall growth and it is also true in dance training. Maintaining a regular schedule over the summer helps dancers build mental resilience and discipline. Having consistency in dance training will also help a child meet a standard or expected level of progress in comparison to their peers who continue dance training during the summer.

Creativity and Artistry

Dancers freely expressing themselves

Without the pressure of upcoming performances, dancers freely can explore their creativity and expressiveness. Whether it's experimenting with improvisation, choreographing their own pieces, or collaborating with other artists, dancers can use this time to nurture their artistic voice and develop a deeper connection to their craft.


While the appeal to take a dance break for summer might be strong, consider how the benefits of maintaining consistent dance training surpass the appeal for a hiatus. So, before you hang up the dance shoes for the summer, consider the long-term impact of continuing dance training and embrace the opportunities that the summer months offer for growth, learning, and exploration in dance. Why wait? Secure your child's spot for summer dance today.

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